Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Architectural acoustics.As far as the engineering is…

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Architectural acoustics.As far as the engineering is concerned, sound production has far-reaching implications on the environment.Sounds are pressure vibrations that travel in mediums such as gases, liquids and solids. The most common type of sound perceived by human ear is that which travels through air. Sound could be constructive or unconstructive. However noise is generally regarded as unwanted and destructive sound. In work environments or even in home setting, it is preferred that noise should be reduced effectively since it can affect the ability to work, concentration and rest. These noises range from loud music, traffic and building services (air ducts, pumps etc.) to neighbor activity.Noise production is still rated as one of the serious rampant forms of environmental pollution. Noise pollution continues to affect human health, as well as behaviors. Noise pollution has the can trigger annoyance, as well as aggression. Noise is also associated with high stress levels, disturbance of sleep, hypertension and tinnitus. It is worth noting that stress and hypertension are among the current serious threats to human health. Loud noise can also trigger cardiovascular diseases, resulting from increased blood pressure caused by noise. Noise does not only affect human beings, but also other organisms. For example, noise can affect wildlife by increasing the death risks by triggering an incapability of the predators to detect the prey. Introduction of noise in the new ecosystem can also reduce the portion of a usable habitat by either scaring away organisms or threatening them to extinction through the harmful consequences. Thus, process of curbing noise pollution is criticalIn this regard, curbing the amount of noise has been one critical area for engineers in their quest for sustainable development and production processes. Environmental engineers have defined the ability to control sound in a closed environment as Architectural Acoustics. Designers and engineers have studied


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