You are to write a paper on the following topic. It’s your choice, management homework help

You are to write a paper on the following topic. It’s your choice. Max length 2000 words.

Many organisations are governed by regulatory bodies such as banking and finance/pharma/healthcare etc. How do you go about implementing innovation, which will involve some failure, in a regulated body? Outline a strategy that could be used to infiltrate innovation in a regulated body.

Material to be covered:

Foundation for Growth: How to identify and Build Disruptive New Business ? MITSloan Management Review

Google 9 Principles of Innovation – Web Article

Staying Ahead of the Game Through Innovation ? Web Article

Spotlight on Consumer Insight: Know Your Customers Job to be Done ? Harvard Business Review

The Four Model of Corporate Entrepreneurship – MITSloan Management Review

Why Google Abandon 20% Time for Innovation ? Web Article

How Samsung Became a Design Powerhouse – Harvard Business Review

What Design Thinking is Doing for the San Francisco Opera – Harvard Business Review

Why Implementing Corporate Innovation is so Difficult – Kelley School of Business Article

5 Substantial Innovation Practices that Saved Lego ? Web Article

10 Barriers to Innovation ? Web Article

When Growth Stalls ? Web Article

Kickboxing at Adobe Systems ? USCMArshall School of Business Article

GE?s Ambidextrous Growth Strategy: 3 Simple Tools for Accelerating FastWorks Projects Web Article

How GE Applies Lean Start-up Practices ? Web Article

Running a Lean Start-up within GE ? Web Article

Why the Lean Start-up Changes Everything ? Web Article

How Innovative is your Company – MITSloan Management Review

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