You are considering opening a small doughnut shop in your hometown. Research the process required to… 1 answer below »

You are considering opening a small doughnut shop in your hometown. Research the process required to make doughnuts. After learning all of the steps that are required in the production of doughnuts, respond to the following:

*List and describe all of the steps required to produce doughnuts as well as the equipment required to complete each step.

*Create a bill of materials to list those ingredients required to produce doughnuts.

*Describe what would be the capacity of the doughnut production operation that you are envisioning. In other words, describe what would define the maximum number of doughnuts that you could produce per hour.

*If your doughnut business is incredibly successful (to the point that you are now selling them frozen, via grocery stores nationwide, so that people can prepare them in their own homes), explain how you could effectively increase the capacity of your doughnut operation. What change in process strategy would be required to produce and sell doughnuts in this way?

Support your responses with examples.

Needs in-text citations and full references listed and cite any sources in APA format. Also, if possible to use some information from Title: Opreations Management, Author: Jay Heizer; Barry Render, Edition / Copyright: 10, Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points

Listed the steps required in the production of doughnuts and the equipment needed for each step. 35

Created a bill of materials to define all of the ingredients necessary for doughnut production. 35

Identified how the capacity of the small doughnut manufacturing operation would be determined. 45

Described the change to capacity that would be required to move from retail selling to selling via grocery stores. 20

Defined the change in process strategy that would be associated with the change of capacity. 25

Written components. 40

Total: 200

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