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1) Pretrial Release

Joseph Edward Duncan was released on bond after allegations of sexual molestation of a young boy. Review his case via the attached link https://youtu.be/YN_6VSGlnsw. If you were the judge would you have released him on bail. Explain your rationale. 200 word min

2) Read the students paragraphs and write a 65 word helpful & positive response

1) Emily Perry

Pretrial Release and Duncan Case

The crimes that Duncan committed are almost unbelievable, and all follow his same pattern of violence and sexual abuse. If I were the judge I would not have released him on bail. Although the allegations of sexual molestation were not the most heinous of crimes Duncan had committed, he had been charged with almost identical crimes in the past and the courts could have assumed that he was going to commit similar crimes again. This could have prevented the terrible crimes that he committed after being released on bail. I believe justice was ultimately served when Duncan was sentenced to eleven life sentences in prison, where he will spend the rest of his life having to reap the consequences of the terrible crimes he committed.

2) Patricia Wulfert

Duncan video

While watching the video, I was really intrigued; yet, horrified at the fact that people actually have the ability to do things of that nature. Also, it brought back personal memories of my older sister, who got murdered back in 2007. So with learning the basics of criminal justice and having personal experiences with related cases, there is no way I, as a judge, would allow Duncan out on bail. What he did was beyond awful and he should be punished for the crimes he committed. Yes, I believe that there is usually some sort of mental issue going on; however, that shouldn’t give someone a free pass to just go out on a killing spree. I strongly do agree with the death penalty if the crime that the person committed is horrific enough, so I believe that his final sentencing after he confessed was fair.

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