Writing 8 pages about the history of informal caregiving burden in Home Health Care I need help…

Writing 8 pages about the history of informal caregiving burden in Home Health Care

I need help writing 8 pages about the history of informal caregiving burden in Services in The US?


Historical Perspective Requirements:

This paper should include a title page and reference list. It should begin with an introduction and a brief restatement of the problem statement from the first assignment, revised based on instructor feedback. Assignment II should then review literature that establishes the history – focusing on the 20th and 21st centuries – of how this social or psychosocial problem has been understood and how society’s institutions have attempted to ameliorate or treat it. It may be that your chosen problem is narrowly defined (depression in women or child sexual abuse) and you may have to look more broadly (history of mental illness and women or history of child maltreatment in general).

Be sure to include how social work has become involved with this problem. Include social work literature – books and articles – as well as literature from other disciplines. Locate and refer to some original, historical literature. If there is a social work “classic” on this topic, be sure to include that in your review of the literature (see course outline for some social work classics). It is crucial to include how social workers have viewed and responded to this problem.

This paper should integrate aspects of knowledge (I will look for multiple citations within one parenthetical reference) rather than review source by source in “book review” fashion [“This article says XYZ (cite). That article says ABC (cite)”].

The historical paper should end with an indication of the direction of the paper to follow.

Student: I will send you an example in another topic and I will send the problem statement

You do not need to write the problem statement just the 8 pages of history.



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