Write essay on the following

Investigate some famous chemists using the Internet. Choose a chemist that has done somethings that interest you. Your discussion board post should address some of the issues mentioned Do not copy and past from the Internet. That is plagiarism. Use your own words.

  1. Personal Biography of the chemist you chose: the story of the scientist’s life
    • Where was the person born? Describe their education. How did they become interested in science?
    • Was the person successful?
  2. Scientific Biography: the story of the scientist’s work
    • What kind of scientific work did the person do?
    • What did the person discover? Explain in as much detail as you can.
    • Did the person invent anything or change the world during their lifetime? Tell the story.
    • Was the person’s work controversial? Describe and explain the controversy and how it was resolved.
    • Did they receive recognition for their work? Why or why not?
  3. Personal and Scientific Legacy: what does their work mean for us today?
    • How did their work affect scientists who came after them?
    • Did their work lead to new technology that changes how people work? Did their work lead to a deeper understanding of the world?
    • Does their work have any implications for everyday life? What? Explain.

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