write down what do you eat for 3 days

Record What You Eat

Note: Assignments 3 is built from this assignment. Do a good job so this assessment will be useful in analyzing your nutritional habits.

Purpose: To record everything you eat and drink for three days. This is a Prospective Method of Dietary Assessment. In addition you will also identify where each food source originated. (Note: If you are living in the dorms you will only be able to identify local foods from the ?406? section of Miller Dining Hall or those labeled as from Montana. The remaining dining hall items will be ?unknown?.)

Food Record Directions:

  • Choose 3 days; recommended to use 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day but you can use any 3 days, they do not need to be consecutive.
  • Write down everything that you eat and drink for each of the 3 days- there is a separate form for each day. If you need to use more than one page to record all of your foods and beverages, please be sure to label it as Day 1 cont.
  • Be as specific as possible when you describe each food.
  • Be accurate in determining amounts eaten.
    • If possible, use a measuring cup and measuring spoons to make your records more accurate.
    • Information from labels can also be very helpful.
  • Write 1 food and/or beverage in each of the numbered rows on the ?Daily Record of Diet? pages
  • You will need to break down mixed dishes (pizza, casseroles, tacos, salads ?) and estimate the amount of each main component separately (crust, cheese, sauce, ?
  • For help with amounts and to understand how to do conversions use the ?Commonly Used Weights, Measures and Metric Conversion Factors? in the inside back cover of the textbook. Example: How many fl. oz are in a cup? 8 fl. oz

fill the table in the doc file

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