Write documented essay (research essay) of 7 pages on The Tempest. Write documented essay…

Write documented essay (research essay) of 7 pages on The Tempest.

Write documented essay (research essay) of 7 pages on The Tempest.

You are free to develop your topic; however, your paper should:

Pose an interesting research question that is related to the theme of and liberation in Shakespeare’s The Tempest or one of the additional course readings

Respond to the question or problem with a contestable thesis (you should be able to imagined disagreement with your claim)

Develop reasons in support of your thesis using sources purposefully

You must use five academic sources. Choose from the following options:


Article from JSTOR, Ebsco

General reference work (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Research Process

The purpose of the research paper is to learn how to find, explore, and analyze resources in order to develop and advance an informed opinion in essay format.

You will need to:

1) Identify a topic that interests you about the play or any other work we have read so far

2) Familiarize yourself with your topic

3) Form a research question about your topic

4) Locate appropriate resources that relate to your question

5) Read and analyze your sources

6) Use what you’ve learned to find new sources

7) Read and analyze the new sources

8) Formulate an opinion that takes into account what you’ve learned from your analysis of your sources

9) Write a thesis

10) Develop the thesis finding new sources as new questions arise

11) Write an outline of your essay. Be sure to separate the paragraphs by topics, and figure out which topics will require quotations from and reference to which resources. (Remember, any given resource may be useful in separate paragraphs. The paper should be organized around the topics of your argument not the resources.)

12) Write a paper that supports your informed opinion about the topic and that relies on evidence found among the resources you have gathered to demonstrate your point.

Please Note: An essay is not a book report. To write an effective essay you must take a position and defend it. The key difference here is instead of simply summarizing the resources your research turns up, you will be using it to prove your point.

You are to complete two assignments leading up to the final paper and a final research paper. These assignments are:

Please can you also follow these steps also


ARGUMENT: Thesis—what is the argument? Does it take a position? Could you see someone disagreeing with the person’s claim? You want to make sure that your thesis is debatable/contestable

Informed opinion paper

METHOD: Does the proposal have a strategy? Is it clear to you how the writer is going to search for materials related to this topic? Are there angles that you could recommend for them?


Are the sources summarized?

Does the writer spend time establishing the relevance of the source to the argument?

Do you think another source would work better? If so, can you recommend a source that they may find useful?

Are the sources cited in MLA?

MY TOPIC: “Shakespeare’s Powerful use of Characterization in The Tempest ”


 ……………………. 2318 words

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