write an executive summary and scope of a group project (2 paragraph for each topic)

Requirement of the writing:

Executive Summary

Provide a ?high level? statement of the proposed project, and the rationale and business justification for undertaking the project.Reference the business problem or opportunity that precipitated the initiation of the project.This is not a detailed review of the sections to follow, but rather a high level overview.More detailed explanations are reserved for the respective sections that follow.

The High Level Scope of the Project

This section is used to define the high level logical boundaries of the project.The emphasis is on the ?Goal(s?) of the project.It will include a high level statement of purpose.The anticipated deliverables for the proposed project (both the ceremony of the project process as well as the product or service that is to be produced.)Provide enough explanation and detail for the reader to be able to understand what is being proposed.

I attached the proposal we did before and the requirements document instruction.

here is the review of professor for the proposal we did:

Team 2 iCharge:

Your opening statement (summary) should be about the organization itself. This is not the place to begin to discuss the solution. What you have written about the organization reads well, except for segueing into the solution. Save that, for your discussion regarding scope.

Focus on problem in the problem/opportunity section. In this example, it has to do with the importance of having full access to your mobile devices wherever you go, because long battery life is problematic. Save your discussion regarding the solution into you begin to discuss scope.

The high level scope section of your proposal should be about what this project is intended to achieve. It is premature, in a proposal, to begin to discuss factors such as cost. Remember, the project proposal is developed and delivered to the decision-maker of your organization, to get approval to initiate a discovery project. It is during that discovery project, that you will collect data and information to help demonstrate that there is a need for this, and estimates with respect to what it might cost, and the potential profitability as well or benefits as we might say.

Lastly, your deliverables section is fine. You?ve kept this succinct, which is important. But in the objectives, related to the deliverables, you must share some type of analytic that will be used help demonstrate that you have achieved the deliverable. For example, increasing the company?s market value by 2.5%, is an objective that you must associate with a deliverable such as producing these I charge stations.

You?ve done a good job overall but need to be mindful of the observations I have shared.

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