Write an essay that focuses on Eva Holland’s “Unclimbable,” and the three young women whom she…

Write an essay that focuses on Eva Holland’s “Unclimbable,” and the three young women whom she profiles.  Use the entirety of the essay to analyze what they gained from their dangerous adventure; was what they gained/learned worth the time and energy?  In what way(s) is the danger of rock climbing central to the unexpected thing(s) they learned in the end?  Your response must contain four independent main ideas and new, italicized vocabulary terms.


Suggestions for Structure and Analysis:


A concrete thesis requires specific topic sentences, which in turn, demand close textual analysis.  Make sure that the syntax of your thesis and topic sentences creates an assertion that introduces and idea that requires examination.  Do not have overly-general topic sentences that have little room for analytical growth – i.e. The young women went on a long drive…  Chroust was scared of what would happen during the running of the bulls….  Soylent doesn’t take long to prepare and eat…  All of the above examples hint toward good main ideas, but they are not strong topic sentences.  Edit for run-ons, fragments and awkward phrases/word choices.

  Only use the article that i gave to you, do not use other quotes or reference.  5 paragraph,4 pages, MLA form in the body paragraph you should have an topic sentence, a quote from article that i gave to you, and after the quote should be your analysis the quotation form shoud be: The author mentioned”………..”(pg123). make sure you read the article clearly and fully understand the point that author support.

the article:



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