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Reminder: You will be permitted 5 pages (front-back = 1 page) of notes for this exam.

Please see the final exam schedule for the university, as the times may be different than the regularly scheduled class.

Study Guide for Final Exam ? Gen Psych?Fall 2017

Chapter 8

Understand the stages of cognitive development proposed by Piaget and how a person transitions to the next stage.

Understand Erikson?s Theory of Psychosocial development and be able to provide details about each stage/crisis.

Chapter 9

Describe Maslow?s hierarchy of needs and provide examples of successful and unsuccessful resolution of each level.

Martin Seligman is considered to be the father of Positive Psychology. In his TED Talk, he mentioned three types of lives. Understand the concept of flow as well as the types of happy lives. (Can be found in Canvas under Discussions as a video link.)

Be able to understand and describe hunger cues.

According to the TED Talk by Dr. Laura Hill: Eating Disorders: From the Inside Out, what does the behavior of eating ?look? like in the brain of someone who is considered to be a ?normal? eater? What does the process look like for someone with Anorexia Nervosa? Be sure to pay attention to specific areas of the brain. (Can be found in Canvas under Discussions as a video link.)

Chapter 10

Understand what ?helping? means and the models of helping and be able to apply the steps of each toward different scenarios.

Chapter 11

Focus on the ID, EGO, and SUPERGO. Understand how they work and the process of defense mechanisms.

Chapter 12

Why should we use brain scans to diagnose mental health conditions? (See the video from Thomas Insel, former director of the NIMH, on Canvas under ?Discussions.?) How is this different than the way that we diagnose them today?

Chapter 13

History of mental health treatment (1700s, early and late 1800s, 1950s, today). Pay attention to people associated with each era as well as techniques and problems/progress of the times.

Humanistic psychology as a treatment option?understand the process and what is important in this therapy.

Rogers Counseling Video (Link under the Discussion section of Canvas). Understand the concept of ?conditions of worth? and be able to address what these were for Gloria. What is the ideal self and what does this look like for Gloria?

Chapter 14

Which type of coping is best? Why?

What are the advantages of appraising situations as challenges rather than threats?



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