write a proposal about Stabilization of internet services to ease the learning of the students?in Cuymaca College and answer the questions

write a proposal and then for two of the sources used answer these questions 🙁 the sources should be factual example , expert testimony, statistics, and personal experience)

1. provide the reference

2. Explain how the source supports the claim in the proposal

3. use chapter 25 ” evaluating sources ” to to show why you believe this is a credible source.

The prompt of the proposal is Stabilization of internet services to ease the learning of the studentsin Cuymaca College. The internet services fluctuate at times and making them unstable for browsing at times. The internet downtimes can be rectified to ensure that it is stable. The college ICT department, procurement office together with the college internet provider have the authority to approve this proposal since it substantially touches on these departments.

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