Write a paper in sections? This is the first section.

1. Strategy and the Strategic Management Process at your Chosen Company

Describe the industry you are investigating. Identify the company you are researching along with the mission, vision, values, and strategic plan. Be sure to
answer the following questions:
? Describe the industry in which the company operates.

? What is the company?s stated strategy? Is it a winning strategy?

? How does the company?s mission statement compare to those of its competitors?

? How do the mission, vision, and values support strategic objectives or performance targets of your company?

? What do the mission, vision, and value statements say about the company and its leadership?

2. External Environment and Competitive Position

Complete an industry analysis and a five forces model analysis including an assessment of the company’s closest rival. Be sure to answer the following

? What are the driving forces of change in the industry in which your company competes? How has your company changed its strategy to address
driving forces?

? Where does the company stand within the industry based on the five forces model of competition analysis?

? Which of the five forces exert the most pressure on the company? What has the company done to relieve this pressure?

? What are your recommendations to further reducing pressure from these forces?

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