Write a 3-5 pages letter, single space, talk about taking an action on a civic issue.


Write a letter in which you urge your readers to take action on a civic issue. You decide on the issue. (Civic issues can include such topics as voting, exercise, diet, finances, safety, etc. Begin with a topic and narrow it down to an argument.

Use metadiscourse to explain your letter’s goals from start to finish in a mission statement. Make it clear who your authority figure/audience is (editor of a newspaper, state senator, city council member, school board official, etc.) and the specific genre and setting (via the mail, the press, etc.) in which you are delivering your argument. Also indicate your purpose for writing this letter.

Provide context by discussing the issue that you are concerned about and by synthesizing the different perspectives on this issue that you have researched by reading sources or by talking to others who are also concerned. (Consult at least two sources, which can be formal written texts or interviews.)

Using a blend of appropriate rhetorical appeals (ethos for credibility and character, pathos for emotions, logos for logic) and strategies (tone, diction, organization of argument, etc.), make an argument (a main claim with three points/sub-claims) that urges your audience to take action on this issue.

Conclude by warning your readers to do something as soon as possible. Include your name with credentials to reinforce your credibility.

Cite your sources in a separate page.


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