Write a 2 page paper articulating your response to these questions and any other thoughts you might have related to Special Education Law. Also, include a page of references in APA style (minimum of 3).?

The Draper Case’s Appeal was decided on March 6, 2008, over 30 years after the “Individuals with Disabilities Act” became law. Does this time frame surprise you? Do you feel the decision and the remedies in the Draper Case were appropriate? Do you agree with the decision? Was it too harsh? Too lenient? What would you have done if you were “the Court”? How would you have defended your actions if you were the school district? Do you think this case will play a role in discouraging other school districts from taking actions that may be discriminatory against children with disabilities? Can you find other cases where the decisions impacted special education law and policy? Is there a difference between cases decided before 2000 and after 2000? Do you think school districts still discriminate against children with disabilities today (2012)? Perhaps the Draper Case asks more questions about how we educate students with disabilities than it answers.

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