Write a 2 page essay on ENGLISH/ INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION.The latter, deep-level culture, shows..

Write a 2 page essay on ENGLISH/ INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION.The latter, deep-level culture, shows people emphasizing on personal relations, place high value on trust, focus on nonverbal cues, and accent the need to attend to social needs before other matters. The attitude and belief of the Bharma family regarding marriage with a fellow successful Indian and learning how to cook traditional Indian cuisine shows the deep relationship between the individuals and their culture that thought they were on a different territory. they still manage to keep their home traditions and believe at heart.Intercultural Communications is defined as language interactions between individuals and groups perceiving themselves as belonging to different cultures. The dominant feature of all international operations, such as the interactions between Americans and Indians in the movie, is that they are conducted in a social system different from one in which organization is based. This new social system affects the responses of the persons involved.People, as characterized by Jess and Jules in the movie, often see the situation around them from their own perspective. They tend to sometimes fail to recognize the key differences between their own and other’s cultures. Even if they do, they tend to conclude that the impact of those differences insignificant. In effect they are assuming that the two cultures are similar that they actually are.In order to integrate the imported and local systems, individuals should develop cultural empathy. This awareness of differences across cultures, an understanding of the ways in which those differences can affect relationships and an appreciation of the contributions each culture makes to overall success.Individuals have to be conscious of their differences in cultures which may not be accomplished in –a short time since it is a continuous process of understanding and adaptaing to some changes. The movie exhibited the


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