Write a 150-200 word reply to a post.

Write a 150-200 word reply to this post

Dear Uncle,

After reading and viewing the material from this week, I have prepared a “lifestyle makeover” for you that includes many healthy dietary changes and helpful tips and utilities to maintain his overall health and well-being from being negatively impacted by coronary heart disease. My first step in your lifestyle makeover is to make a commitment. One of the biggest challenges is having a lack of commitment to eating better, exercising more, and making better and healthier lifestyle choices that will help prevent future heart attacks from happening again. My second recommendation in your lifestyle makeover is to get rid of anything that causes stress, that can range from habits, people, choices you are making, or situations you may put yourself in. I know it is easier said than done considering you can’t just up and quit your job because it is stressing you out, but instead, find the things in your work life that are causing you stress and eliminate it.Although the food you are close to is so accessible and convenient i suggest taking the time to go for a healthier option or even meal prepping for the next day, or full week, By making better and healthier food choices,you can control the controllable such as your cholesterol level, blood pressure, and being overweight. All the while maintaining some sort of exercise and form of fitness to stay healthy. An interesting article that I read talked about a cardiovascular risk calculator that can also help with your situation. It also aims to help physicians estimate the cardiovascular risk of their patients and discuss and analyze with them how the risk can be modified. In turn, it motivates users to become invested in their health,which will help you to make better informed decisions about your health.

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