Write 5 pages from this argument that I will attached in the description, No reference, no copy paste?

Pro Essay (5 Pages) pro introduction: The author {fill in} argues for the following controversial conclusion: {give conclusion}. He supports this conclusion with the following premises: [a] {give first premise} and [b] {give second premise}. This Essay will examine each premise in the light of objectors and then defend the author from these objections.

The possible objection to the first premise (give the objection{s}).

Reply to the first objection (give pointed reply).

The possible objection to the second premise (give the objection{s}).

Reply to the second objection (give pointed reply).

Theoretical observation (this is a broad theoretical groundwork upon which the whole argument rests).

Significance (this is a concrete example from the world in which these issues play out today).

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