Write 4 page essay on the topic Explore continuities as well as changes in non-fictional/factual…

Write 4 page essay on the topic Explore continuities as well as changes in non-fictional/factual British television. Do so through comparing and contrasting two programmes of your choice.ver broadcast of a reality show in the United Kingdom was Granada television series, which conducted interviews with seven year olds from different parts all over the country. Inquiring about the ordinary lives and their perceptions about life. after every seven years, a film would be made depicting the life during the time of the interview. The program was well not structured, but it just involved the conducting of interviews, but it was influential and raised the social status of the participants to celebrities. Reality TV in the UK taken by many as a radical departure from the norm or a great innovation in the history of programming in the United Kingdom, it comes in various form or sub genres which are distinct in how they appeal to their viewers, they include documentary style, historical recreation, dating, extraordinary people, science, law enforcement, makeover, lifestyle change and several others.Broadcast Television is in the course of an extraordinary time of transformation and challenge. It is still one of the best accepted forms of entertainment and information, with the typical British TV enthusiast still watching twenty hours for every seven days. The speedy development of the web and interactive social media is challenging robustly for audiences and revenues with the TV industry. Tremendous changes in the industry are evident since the start of the TV broadcasting back in n1936. Have grown to over 480 channels and also it has highly diversified from the initial core functions to accommodate the unending innovations that come up. With more than 27000hours of digital content being produced and aired every year, as opposed to the less than 1000hours in the 1940s, with over six channel owners attributed to most of the viewing.Some of the recent tremendous change that is evident is the digital migration in the year 2012 after all analogue transmissions were ended in Northern Ireland. Digital content is delivered through terrestrial, IP, cable and


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