Write 4 page essay on the topic Assignment: Discussion Questions (3).Since culture is a long term…

Write 4 page essay on the topic Assignment: Discussion Questions (3).Since culture is a long term issue, its influence on negotiations means that the outcome should be expected to be long-term. More over, the Chinese usually focus on establishing a lasting relationship with the party they are negotiating with. This implies that one should not expect hurried negotiations. They are conducted gradually and keenly on every aspect, while considering the possible as well as the expected outcome. This enables them to evaluate the significance of the negotiation. Chinese usually prefer to begin discussions by highlighting wide-ranging principles and benefits. In essence, it is important to understand that they attach more value to their principles than they do for money or other benefits (Shahar 2008). To effectively negotiate with Chinese, all situations need to be handled carefully, considering all these aspects.There are certain aspects in human beings that determine risk tolerance around the world. One of the factors that create a difference in risk tolerance has been found through studies to be gender. It has been found out that the roles of men world wide increase their ability to tolerate risks than women who tend to keep off risks (BPP Learning Media 2007). This difference may be attributed to the various factors that usually create favorable conditions for men, for example engaging in social political matters is more encouraging for men than it is for women, which makes men to be more risk tolerant. Education is also another factor that determines risk tolerance. Studies indicate that risk taking is associated with high levels of education, which translates to a greater propensity to earn from risk taking. This means that the level of income is also a factor that determines risk tolerance, in which case the higher the income, the more the ability to tolerate risk. This indicates that the wealthy people around are likely to be more tolerant than the poor. Age is also a factor that creates a difference, whereby younger


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