Write 30 page essay on the topic Next order mult. papers and PPT. they need to build on each other..

Write 30 page essay on the topic Next order mult. papers and PPT. they need to build on each other too.The customer has added to the complaint that after a period of three months the cylinder head had started to show leaks and he had to get repairs done. After a period of five months the engine had started showing problems that were repaired and by that time the warranty had expired so a new engine had to be bought. I have noticed similar complaints in the case of the 1997 as well as the 2000 models of Ford Expedition.In addition to the oil cylinder and the engine problems the one point that has been raised very aggressively by the customers is that the company has not been too helpful in paying the repairs for the losses. It has been mentioned by one of the customers that her expedition had been reporting errors in the gasket and she asked our organization for the repairs that was under warranty. But for unknown reasons our organization had been unable to pay for the losses and had not paid for the repairs either.All the complaints can be summarized by saying that there are problems in the case of the head gasket as well as the oil cylinder. The engine might be in need of being rechecked in a detailed manner so that the newer Expedition do not show such problems as these are the problems in the Expedition models that have become, sadly, well known among the people.The organization’s reputation is the most important to me and the other clients. Any kind of issues that might be harmful to the company’s reputation have to be dealt with in a strategic manner so the future clients can be made to trust the organization. The issues that we might face in the future, as I might say, need to be dealt with at this very point so that they are resolved at an earlier stage rather than being delayed.The customers are the main stake holders for the organization and we, at Ford Motors respect this relationship in the business. The customers need to be heard regarding their complaints so all the trust is regained in order that they


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