Write 2 page essay on the topic Marketing related.Be it professionals or lay people, all are subject

Write 2 page essay on the topic Marketing related.Be it professionals or lay people, all are subject to unwanted intrusions as a result of this phenomena. Even if the user follows stringent security measures and installs software to set parental controls, perform regular disk clean-up and remove temporary internet files on a regular basis, cookies can still record and disclose confidential personal/business information to marketers. For some business enterprises, such “leakage” of strategic information could deprive them of competitive edge. If professionally managed business corporations are at risk, then the individual user (who in most cases is not a computer expert) is even more vulnerable. Sadly though, the cookie aided internet marketing practice has now become a multi-million dollar industry. Needless to say, exploiting gullible internet users in order to increase profits does not meet even the basic ethical standards.In spite of all the justifications that the marketers provide in favor of this practice, spying on unsuspecting customers of a competitor in order to target advertisements at them is not at all ethical. These unethical marketers are not the only ones spying on internet users. A few online companies discreetly distribute viruses such as Trojan horses into the computer hardware, which then sends back the gathered personal information data to the home source. Also, the majority of the cookies that internet users download into their personal computers are innocuous if not actually helpful in making browsing easier. The ease of use can be discerned when the user reopens an already exited website. But this fact is taken advantage of by unethical marketers to maximize their profits at the cost of individual privacy.When it comes to sly marketing practices such as the employment of cookies, the whole enterprise is ethically wrong. To defraud, deceive, abuse, exploit, damage or take from innocent consumers is what this practice


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