Write 2 page essay on the topic Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content….

Write 2 page essay on the topic Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there and why is it meaningful you.Its satisfies all the five senses: It has this serenity that is exclusive, the air being inhaled is purified as there are little or no sources of pollution, the wind that blows is gentle, the sound of the animals brings a feeling that one can get from no other place, and the taste of the wild fruits provides nature’s best, as compared to the fruits that reach the markets that have be grown using chemicals.The sense of nature being around me in its purest form brings a sense of peace. Being in the woods gives me the peace that I cannot get in an environment that is characterised by the hooting of vehicles and moving machines and the threat of being mugged or knocked down by vehicle. It also takes me away from thinking about unfinished businesses and many of life’s worries. The woods present me with an opportunity to hike, making me reconnect with nature in the best way that the earth we live in provides. This is also an opportunity to go biking and feel the adrenaline as the air rushes past me and the earth moves fast behind on a a rough terrain that ignites my endurance.The wooded environment is also good for hunting, which makes me be in touch with other forms of life such as birds of different types, rodent, snakes, and lizards among other animals. Watching animals in the wild is for me one of the greatest wonders that this world presents. Seeing how the eagle preys on the rodents from the moment it targets its prey to the time it catches it is simply amazing. This makes me appreciate nature that no form of human invention can be of that complexity. Seeing how the ecosystem balances itself reminds me that there is an important part that I was created to do on earth. As every part of the ecosystem has and fulfils its purpose, so do I have a purpose that I am to fulfil.My recent visit to the Grand Canyon was an experience of a lifetime – one that I would not want to wash away from my memory. The place is such a


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