world war 2 research paper


RESEARCH QUESTION: How did the use of photography during world war 2 to fuel propaganda help encourage the people of the united states not only enter the war but do everything possible to stop it. (focus on the photographic aspect)

INTRO: Intro must include The main research question (does not have to be worded in the same way), the main claim (response to question), and also a road map for 2 sub claims. (intro can be and recommended to be 2 paragraphs)

All the instructions are in the attached file, I will also attach few resources and feel free to use any other outside sources (preferbly ones that talk about specific world war 2 photographers)


1- Selling war: the British propaganda campaign against American” neutrality” in World War II.

2- Advertising and Propaganda in World War II: Cultural Identity and the Blitz Spirit.


4- WWII propaganda: the influence of racism

5- World War II Poster Campaigns–Preaching Frugality to American Consumers. Journal of Advertising

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