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Please read the articles below found in the KU Library: Then answer the questions:

Toth, K., Munson, J., Meltzoff, A. N., & Dawson, G. (2006). Early predictors of communication development in young children with autism spectrum disorder: Joint attention, imitation, and toy play. Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders , 36(8), 993?1005.

Bergeson, T. R., Houston, D. M., & Miyamoto, R. T. (2010). Effects of congenital hearing loss and cochlear implantation on audiovisual speech perception in infants and children. Restorative Neurology & Neuroscience , 28(2), 157?165.

Montgomery, J. W., Magimairaj, B. M., & Finney, M. C. (2010). Working memory and specific language impairment: An update on the relation and perspectives on assessment and treatment. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology , 19(1).

Explain how understanding the conceptual model of working
memory helps you in selecting strategies to take in helping a child that may
have a communicative disorder. Please give an example of a strategy that you
might use with a child with a specific communicative disorder.

Construct a scenario of a team approach that could be
developed when working with a child that has a specific communicative disorder.
You should identify the communicative disorder that the child has in this
scenario and provide research and techniques/strategies that are known to be
effective with this type of communicative disorder.

Evaluate the benefits for family and children in being
connected to organizations associated with a specific communicative disorder.
These organizations can be found from the list in your chapter reading or from
an internet search.

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