Women of Color Feminism

Please write a double-spaced, typed research paper in the area of Women of Color Feminism. The essay must have a clear thesis statement, an introduction, and a conclusion. Please include your full name, course number, and date at the top left corner of the first page, and a bibliography at the end of your essay. You should use at least 5 different scholarly sources, including books, book chapters, or peer-reviewed articles. Citations and bibliography should be written in MLA style. Essays are graded based on content/argument and technical writing.

Length: 5 pages

Themes may include:

  • Women of Color Feminisms
  • Women of Color and Film
  • Women of Color and Television/Television Series
  • Women of Color and the Politics of Love
  • Women of Color, Healing and Spirituality
  • Women of Color, Sexuality and the Erotic
  • Women of Color, Social Change and Activism
  • Women of Color and Music/Music Videos
  • Women of Color, Media and Social Media
  • Women of Color and Writing
  • Women of Color, Poetry and the Spoken Word
  • Decolonizing Feminisms
  • Women of Color and Contemporary Activist Movements (i.e. Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, #MeToo Movement, Women?s March, Say Her Name)
  • Women of Color and Pedagogy
  • Women of Color and Young Feminisms
  • Women of Color and Immigration/Migration
  • Women of Color, Health and Well Being
  • Women of Color and the Arts (i.e. dance, visual arts, performance arts, theatre)
  • Women of Color and the Global Pandemic
  • You may also focus on any of the above themes with a focus on specific ethnic groups (i.e. Black women, Asian women, Indigenous women, Middle Eastern women, Latina/Chicana, Mixed Race women, racialized non-binaries)

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