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W5 Reflective Journal

There are many advantages to advertising on cable TV including the opportunity for narrowcasting or reaching a very specialized target market. Select a cable network from the list shown in Figure 11-4 and develop a profile of it by visiting the Cable Network Profile section of the website for the Cable Television Advertising Bureau (http://www.thecab.tv/). Using the information provided, discuss the target audience reached by this network, the programming on it, and the types of companies that might choose to use it as part of their television advertising media plan. Watch the network and discuss the types of commercials used by the advertisers with respect to factors such as creative style and execution, length and format. Do the commercials appear to differ from those found on the major networks? If so, in what ways? ?

Your work should be at least 500 words and draw from your own personal thoughts and ideas. This journal entry should be written in first person and if you use information from the textbook or lecture you must cite your sources.

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