Willing to combine psychoanalytic and cognitive behavior therapy in powerpoint?

Power Point Presentation Guidelines

After learning and reading about all of the theories of group counseling, I want you to review the theories and choose aspects from several (at least 2) theories and design your OWN, PERSONAL theory. Please submit your integrated theory of group counseling in a power point/Prezi presentation (Chapter 17 & 18 are a good guide). Please include the following:


1.Your philosophy and goals of group counseling

2.The role and functions of the group leader

3.The structure of the group

4.Techniques you would use

5.How would your group work in a multicultural context?

6.Please be sure to provide ?notes? on at least 3 of your slides.

******The idea of creating your own Personal Theory is to help you figure out which aspects of the different theories you like the best. Therefore, I want you to pick different concepts/ideas/techniques (must use at least 2 different counseling theories) to combine and this will be your Personal Theory*************


    1. The PP is to have 5 references one of which can be the text
    2. The PP should have a Title Page and a Reference Page
    3. The PP should be at least 15 slides ( including the Title Page and Reference page
    4. The PP should contain ?notes? on at least 3 of the slides
    5. The PP should exhibit your best effort at creativity and ?style? in presentation. (I know this is easier for some than others, but I will be looking for the effort!)

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