why the usa should have paid maternity leave, essay help

the specific question I hope to answer is how not having paid maternity leave does have a negative effect on not only the parents , but the child as well and how maternity leave is essential in this country

your essay should follow MLA guidelines for formatting the essay itself in addition to proper MLA in text and works cited citations. you should have a total of 3-4 sources that you quote or paraphrase with in-text citations: your quotes/paraphrases should be no more than15% of the total word count of your paper. if you quote or paraphrase in your essay, it must directly reflect an immediate in text citation after the quote /paraphrase and must also be listed in your works citations and how to cited sources on your works cited page.

paragraphs should be 8- 10 sentences in length and your paper ( excluding your works cited page which goes at the very end of your document)should be 5-6 pages in length. your works cite page will make your total essay 6-7 pages in length

don’t forget your annotated bibliography

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