why does the U.S always intervene in the worlds problems, assignment help

The question seems to come up quite often.”why does the U.S always intervene in the worlds problems?”. This question is one that deserves some serious treatment initiatives of American Presidents during the 20th century.

Considering this issue of involvement in the world’s problems, analyze the foreign policy initiatives and ventures of FOUR of the following 20th century presidents and how they played a role in America’s prominence in global issues.

Choose FOUR but at least one must be each from list A as well as list B in any combination.

A: Pre 1950

Theodore Roosevelt,

Woodrow Wilson,

Franklin Roosevelt,

Harry Truman,

B: post 1950:

John F. Kennedy,

Lyndon B.Johnson

Richard M. Nixon,

Jimmy Carter,

Ronald Reagan,

Do not use evidence from any websites or books, Simpliy answer the above question in a short essay.


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