Why does Hobbes say men who love liberty need a restraint?, homework help

Your reflection paper must be a three full pages long, double spaced, with one inch margins and 12 point font. These will be the exact same instructions for all reflection papers and exams and I do deduct points for not following these instructions or for grammatical and/or spelling errors. Edit! I don’t mind if you number the paragraphs to match the questions for this assignment, but answer the questions in full sentences (no bullet points) and don’t repeat the questions in your paper. Also, if you are quoting from the essay by Hobbes, you must put it in quotation marks. No other citation is necessary for this paper and you don?t need a cover sheetNo other citation is necessary for this paper and you don?t need a cover sheet.

Questions for Chapter XVII

  1. Why does Hobbes say men who love liberty need a restraint? What would the world look like without restraint? Think about coming to a four way intersection without rules on who proceeds first-if the world had no rules what would happen?
  2. Why do men make war on each other when there is no common enemy? Does that mean that wars are inevitable and necessary? Why or why not?
  3. On pages two and three Hobbes mentions six reasons why, unlike ants and other animals, humans find it hard to work for the common good. Which of those six do you think is most important and why?
  4. Do you agree with Hobbes? conclusion that animals are not rational, while men are? Why or why not? How does he define ?rationality??
  5. What is a ?Leviathan? and why does man need one?
  6. Would a government run by a Leviathan be a democracy? What would the government look like and why?
  7. What would be the advantages of this type of government and what would be the disadvantages? Which would you rather have in your country and why?

Questions for Chapter XVIII

  1. What is a Commonwealth as described by Hobbes? What kind of a country would this be-pick a modern day example and explain your answer.
  2. What role does a monarch play in Hobbes? commonwealth? Does it preserve the rights or take them away of a monarch?
  3. Why does any person trying to take away the power of the commonwealth commit an unjustice and deserve his punishment? Do people, under Hobbes? argument, have the right to depose a leader? Why or why not?
  4. Hobbes? talks about having a covenant with God doesn?t justify disobedience of a sovereign. Why does God justify this?
  5. Is it ever justified, on Hobbes? view, to disobey the sovereign? Is there any room in Hobbes? theory for conscientious objectors (people who refuse to obey the law on the basis of their conscience)? If the sovereign enacts a bad law, or punishes the innocent, or violates the laws of nature, is rebellion justified?
  6. Look at the 12 statements of the rights or powers of a sovereign and pick the one you most disagree with (pages 5-9). Why do you disagree with this? What could be the bad outcome of this right? Why did Hobbes still think it was a right or power?
  7. Does a subject have the right to complain about his sovereign? And can that complaint be valid? Why do people complain?

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