Why does Addison say that “heroic poets” seldom have any “wit”?, English Literature Questions

  • What is the great critical error made by those who are “fond of some subservient art”? What are some examples of this error, according to Pope? (4 points)
  • Why does Addison say that “heroic poets” seldom have any “wit”?
  • What is Swift satirizing in “A Modest Proposal”?
  • What is Swift’s “modest proposal”? How does he suggest it without causing the reader to be overly shocked or disgusted?
  • According to Pope, though a poet may “break a rule,” what must a poet never “transgress”? (1 point)
  • Addison discusses the “wits” of several poets and writers. Whom does he admire for their wit? (3 points)
  • What does Addison add “by way of explanation” to Locke’s description of “wit”?
  • Consider the tone of “A Description of a City Shower.” In what ways does “A Modest Proposal” also reflect that same tone?
  • According to Pope, what is the problem of individual judgment? What ruins “good sense”? (1 point

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