Why do girls break the law? How do their reasons for law-breaking differ from males?…

Criminal Justice Theory

1. Why do girls break the law? How do their reasons for law-breaking differ from males? What changes are necessary in policy and practice to adequately prevent and respond to girls' lawbreaking?

2. Shaw and McKay are known for their Social Disorganization Theory. It is a theory to explain differences in levels of offending across neighborhoods. Over the years, the theory has been expanded upon and further developed. Using the concepts of Social Disorganization Theory, explain how and why a particular neighborhood (Neighborhood A) may have a higher rate of juvenile delinquency than a second neighborhood (Neighborhood B).

3. How have biological explanations of delinquency been regarded in criminology? What is the state of the field today with regards to biology and crime?

4. Trace the evolution or development of anomie or strain theories from their origin to their modern variations. Be sure to name each theory and theorist(s) and discuss the similarities and differences between the theories.

5. All I need to know, including the behaviors that meet our society’s standard of conduct, I learned in Kindergarten. I have also come to understand that people can, later on in their life, learn to engage in criminal behavior in the same way they learn to play golf, drive a car, perform appendicitis surgery, or write a scholarly article. The acquisition, execution, and continued involvement in all types of behavior including those that are defined as a crime is learned. The learning process can be through observation, apprenticeship, and positive reinforcement. Discuss and assess the validity of the claims above. Identify and review the several theoretical versions that underpin these claims.

6. One of the most consistent and strongest relationships in the field of delinquency theory is that associating with delinquent peers is highly correlated with delinquency. Discuss the theoretical and empirical literature concerning delinquent peers and delinquency.

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