Which of the three ‘types’ of community work discussed in the Rothman and Tropman reading (1995)… 1 answer below »

Question: Which of the three 'types' of community work discussed in the Rothman and Tropman reading (1995) appeals to you? Why?
Marks: The assignment will be assessed on the following criteria.
? Demonstrated understanding of core community work theoretical approaches;
? Direct discussion of the links between theory and practice;
? Concise answering of the activity question;
? You must demonstrate that you have read the core unit readings and engaged in your own wider research;
? Adherence to academic writing conventions, including referencing and formatting.
Core Readings: Core readings and references of the unit
? Rothman, J., Erlich, J. L., Tropman, J. E., & Cox, F. M. (1995). Approaches to community intervention.
? Gilchrist, A. (2009). A well-connected community: a networking approach to community development. Great Britain: Policy Press.
? Chaplin, A. (2010).Social movements in Bolivia: from strength to power. Community Development Journal, Vol 45 (3) pp 346-355
? Chenoweth, L., & McAuliffe, D. (2012). The road to social work & human service practice (3rd ed.). South Melbourne, Vic.: Cengage Learning Australia.
? Kenny, S., Connors, P. (2017). Developing Communities for the Future (5th ed.). South Melbourne, AU: Cengage Learning.
Example assignment: Just for help and not be copied from.
Rothman’s three approaches or models of community work are community development, social planning and social action. Rothman explains that these three basic modes of action do not exhaust all possibilities, but offer us a framework for a broader enquiry (Rothman, 1995). The type of community work that appeals to me as a humanitarian student is community development. Often described as a grass-roots or bottom up approach, it advocates the use of democratic procedures, voluntary co-operation and develops network building. I agree with Lee

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