Whereas the professional philosophy statement (work statement) from week one focused on specific…

Whereas the professional philosophy statement (work statement) from week one focused on specific knowledge, skills and work experience, the primary focus of the statement of ethics is to share a little about the values, beliefs, or life experiences that are relevant to your chosen career. For the purpose of this assignment, a general statement of ethics based on your field is fine, but feel free to imagine you are applying to a specific business and tailor the statement accordingly. The field is Physical Therapy.

Why it? How do you show, in tangible terms, enthusiasm for your work? What are some of your deepest values and beliefs, and how have these impacted your life and career choices? What significant life or educational experiences have had the greatest influence on you? Who do you hope will help through your career and in what way? Can you point to specific examples of how your values or ethics influenced important life or career decisions?

A few additional points: Maintain a professional tone. While you are encouraged to share personal values and experiences, the tone of the document should not be too casual. While it is fine to show passion and conviction, avoid a tone that feels dogmatic or contentious. Remember that others may share a different perspective. Double-check grammar and spelling. This statement is a reflection of your professionalism.

Just as with the professional philosophy statement from week one, it is recommended that you begin with an introductory paragraph, followed by one or more body paragraphs, and to end with a concluding paragraph that summarizes your overall perspective and will leave a lasting impression. Feel free to include a brief quotation in the introduction or conclusion if you find one that nicely illustrates your viewpoint.

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