What the Future Looks Like TED tad

View the TED Talk, ?What the Future Looks Like? and then answer the questions below:

  • How did you respond to Gabriella Huggins?s film?
  • Which, if any, images or narration spoke to you personally?
  • need Resources and citations that are current (within 5 years) if applicable

As a supplement to this discussion topic, I would like for you to consider the following question:

Please share about a situation in which you felt like you couldn’t be yourself. What was that situation? What did it feel like? What came of that situation? Did you learn anything about yourself or others?

Why do you think that many people choose not to stand up for an issue that they believe in?

Do we need to identify with a particular issue to stand up for it? For example, do we need to be gay or lesbian to stand up for LGBTQ issues? Do we need to be someone from a particular ethnicity to stand up for the rights of that group? Why or why not?

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