What is your social problem, as you define it In 5-7 typed, double spaced pages, you must address…

What is your social problem, as you define it

In 5-7 typed, double spaced pages, you must address the following questions:

1) What is your , as you define it?

Are there other definitions of this problem in the public discourse? What are they?

Be sure to incorporate a good critique of the dialogue around the issue, keeping in mind objective vs. subjective claims of the nature of the problem

2) What is the current state of your social problem, as you have defined it?

How many people are affected (nationally/globally depending on the problem you chose)?

3) What are the perceived social causes of this problem?

What social institutions are involved in contributing to the problem/need to be involved in the solution?

4) What are the proposed solutions?

Are there currently any laws/public initiatives in place to address the problem? If so, what are they? How effective are these laws/claimsmakers in dealing with the social problem?

This section is to give context to the issue you take up as a claimsmaker and to give you a deeper understanding of the problem you chose. This section must have at least 3 solid references (no Wikipedia!!), and all references must be cited (ASA, APA or MLA citation styles accepted). You must include proper in-text citations for whatever format you choose and the final paper must have a Works Cited page.



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