what is the best answers for these 2 questions ?

Hi, been waiting for you but did not see you online, I have to sleep now so I’ll leave this questions to keep bidding. Please do it as last time you did, 2 responses and 1 your own question with source sited. Also please pay attention to the due time, these questions wont take u more than 2 hours to finish. Thank you.

Q1: How did someone know if a lady was a former prostitute and why were some men ok with marrying them?

First, chinese were discouraged for immigration due to the Page Law of 1875. This was due to the assumption that many of them were prostitues. On page 354 it was stated that most women in the Wild West were prostitutes. Why were chinese excluded from migration to the US because of prostitution but in the WIld West most women were prostitutes. 2/3 of western prostitutes died due to STDs, botched abortions, alcohol abuse, suicide, and homicide. This business ended up being owned and ran by men. Pimps, landlords, and police profited the most from western prostitution. Some of them were able to leave that behind and earn or marry their way into respectable society. For the women that left this life behind, why were some men willing to marry these women?

The talk of sex coming from a women was frowned upon. Learning from chapter 6 even when a women was pregnant she was to not say that she was publicly. People would not know women were pregnant until they piece together that that women had stated she was ill and then spoke or saw her with a newborn. From the previous chapters we also learned that women wanted ways to prevent pregnancies while still having sex, and until Margaret Sanger founded the American Birth Control Movement in the 1910s, it was not very plausible. If birth control and pregnancy talk was frowned upon by society why would men marry a former prostitute and did they know about it?

Q2: How do you think the idea of the ?American dream? changed for individuals after they immigrated to the U.S. Do you think it was everything they thought it would be? Why or Why not?

I think the perception of what the ?American Dream? was, is very different than what it really turned out to be for many immigrants. For instance, in professors lecture, many men that immigrated first, new it wasn?t everything they thought that it would be, but they often fluffed it up and made it sound like it was amazing, just so that the family would follow him and make the move too. However, you can see in the photograph on page 349 ?Before and After Americanization? the 3 girls sat on chairs rather than the floor, they lost their blankets and braids for dresses, a book was placed on one of the small girls laps, to indicate that she now had the ability to read English, but they kept their sad face. Why? Was it because they realized that the ?American Dream? wasn?t really the dream they thought they were going to get? Although they were ?Americanized? they were stripped from their roots, forced to live in tenements as seen on slide8 of professor?s lecture, that often were worse living conditions than they had back home. Multiple people packed into small rooms, spreading disease, illnesses, etc. They were dirty, no sunlight, depressing. Was this still a better life they are living here in American than that of the lives they were living back in their homeland? Was it because they knew there was more opportunity here available to them. Even if it wasn?t right away? In my opinion, I believe they still thought that living in American was better than their homeland with more opportunity available to them, however, I think the photographs with the sad faces (page349 and figure 7.4 on page 393), shows that the ?American Dream? wasn?t all that it was talked up to be, after arriving in America to see and experience for themselves.

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