what Cullen learned in seventeen years of writing about the Columbine massacre?

source columbine book specifically this chapter (?Epilogue? 376)” no other sources”

Write an essay in which you use this epilogue to explore what Cullen learned in seventeen years of writing about the Columbine massacre. What is he actually writing about, by the time he finishes the epilogue? What is this 17-year project about, based on what you?ve read? How does Cullen make writing matter after the Columbine massacre? Study the connections made and implied from one section to the other. What does his immersion in the Columbine case allow him to connect? What ?worlds? is he able to move inside? What worlds does he ?move between?? Where might he be stuck, unable to connect? Why does he keep writing about school shootings? And what is he about to say that matters to himself and others? These questions are not ?questions in the back of the book? that require short answers. They are questions you can use (or not) to gain some traction in your reading of the epilogue. Your task is to find materials in the epilogue, and possibly elsewhere, that will help you explain your view of Cullen?s project. But remember, your focus is on Cullen?s project for the epilogue. Your paper should be 4-6 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font, with 1? margins.

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