What are the overall strengths of the letter, ece354 week 4 discussion 1 help

Respond to a peer by providing feedback on their letter. Remember to make sure your feedback is professional. When providing feedback to your peers about their letter, be sure to consider the following points:

  • What are the overall strengths of the letter? Be specific.
  • Are there any points that were not considered in the letter that you think would be beneficial to include?
  • What is another type of performance assessment that you believe your classmate should consider including in their letter? Justify why you believe they should include this assessment.

5 sentences or more.

Dear Parent(s) and/or Guardian,

As you may have noticed we are in the beginning stages of making some changes here at the center. One of those changes is that we will be adopting the performance – based assessments to measure your child’s growth. To ease your mind on what a performance – based assessment is, a performance – based assessment also known as a PBA can be defined as the collection of data on students as they engage in learning. “Performance assessment is an assessment of how well individuals can do something, as opposed to determining what they know about doing something” (Howard & Aiken, 2015).

I know you may be asking what are the advantages of using this form of assessment. The performance – based assessment is a reliable method of measuring growth. One reason, as with all assessment, PBA begins with identifying the learning outcome. After clearly identifying learning objectives, performance activities are designed to achieve those outcomes (Howard & Aiken). A second reason is using outcome date or feedback from the PBA. Using outcome data from PBA, EC professionals can relate what children do well and what they need to work on to move to the next level (Howard & Aiken, 2015).

As there are some advantages to the assessment, there could also be some concerns regarding the assessment. One concern is a teacher’s preconception of the student. Teacher’s have tendency to have preconceptions of a student based upon their biases and history before assessing the student. This concern will be addressed by having a meeting and training with all teachers so they are aware of not being biased, having preconceptions, and their own judgement of the student before assessing them. They will know each student is to be treated and assessed equally and given a fair chance. Another concern may be teacher’s comparing your child’s performance to another child’s performance outcome. This concern will be addressed by having a policy of privacy. Teacher’s will not be allowed to compare scores or anecdotal notes to other student’s. Each student will be treated fairly, and will also obtain the assistance they need in a supportive and non judgmental atmosphere.

The two different performance – based assessments that will be used in the classroom are play – based assessments and interactional assessments. play-based assessment is performance-based assessment, where children’s abilities are evaluated in the natural context of play (Howard & Aiken, 2015). I would use this form of assessment because as the teacher, you are able to allow the child to learn and play at the same time. They are able to learn colors, shapes, alphabets, and numbers all while playing, and the teacher will also be able to assess the child’s knowledge through play. Interactional assessment is conducted when educators evaluate children while engaging in authentic activities with them. Typical daily activities offer opportunities for interactional assessment (Howard & Aiken, 2015). I would use this form of assessment because it is not better way to assess a student other than them interacting in their own element. This will allow the teacher to assess the child’s social, language,and behavioral interactions with their peers. Circle time, story time, imaginative play, and family style lunch time will be great for this type of assessment.

I hope I was able to answer any questions regarding the changes to using performance based assessments, however, if there are any other conerns that is not listed in this letter, please do not hesitate to call or email.


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