What are the advantages of EBMgt EBMgt and how you would use it to support a recommended change?

Evidence-based management (EBMgt) is a way to identify, document, and learn from past experience; this is an important way to ascertain if a proposed change can be successful. This assignment provides the students with the opportunity to learn about EBMgt and develop insight in to how it can be used to promote a change. This assignment works well for a team since each student can work to identify at least one reason that EBMgt can influence the outcome of a change and then have a shared document with multiple reasons that can be used after the completion of the course.

Create a 12- to 15-slide visual presentation that you would deliver to your manager on the advantages of EBMgt and how you would use it to support a recommended change.

Explore ways that you can use evidence-based management principles and processes as a change manager.

Specify the value of EBMgt in change management.

Use a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources.

Use speaker notes to expound on your discussion just as you would in a real presentation.

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