Week 5 discussion DQ1 Thesis and Outline After reviewing the above materials, develop a thesis and o

Week 5 discussion
DQ1 Thesis and Outline
After reviewing the above materials, develop a thesis and
outline for Paper 2. You will have to go through all the steps you used in
developing Paper 1, but you will also be including the second story.
identifying a second story
clearly stating the theme
summarizing the story
noting comparison and contrast within the stories to develop
a comparison and contrast (how the two come together to develop the theme)
identifying the theme is demonstrated in both stories
doing additional brainstorming as needed
writing up a thesis that demonstrates your point of view on
the theme and the short stories
producing an outline
Remember it may help you to write up the introduction so you
fully understand the relationship between the two stories and the theme thereby
helping to set up the discussion.
In your posting, note the second story you have chosen and
the theme. Post the thesis (and introduction if you have it). The thesis should
reflect that you are comparing the two stories for something. Then, post the
As always, the earlier you post, the better, as it will
allow time for you use the feedback you receive and also to move on to the
development of the body paragraphs.

DQ2 Your Writing Process
You are more than half way through the course. Consider
where you started and where you are now with your writing process.
What you would like to work on in the upcoming weeks? Is
there something that you feel much better about, say how to write a thesis
Use this discussion to reflect on what you have learned so
far–and what you still want to focus on in the remaining weeks of the course.
Also feel free to use
this discussion to ask any questions about the content in Week 5, including
your second short story and how you are using it for the second paper.

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