Week 3 Felicia Withers Discussion Response


Whistle Blowing

I chose to review the article written by Ripley and Sieger. The article details a woman?s desire to make a difference in the world and her desire to bring attention to the needed changes needed by her employer, The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Coleen Ripley, seasoned employee of the FBI decided that she wanted to bring awareness to the shortcomings of the FBI and decided to write a memo sharing her thoughts with members of Congress. She wanted to bring attention to areas of divisions that needed improved and shine light on how those short comings impacted past and present operations of the organization. Ripley became known as a whistleblower when her article was aired by the time and her concerns began to receive public notification. One event she spoke of was that of 9/11. She felt that had the Bureau acted on information it had on one of the suspected pilots it could have prevented or apprehended other pilots involved in the plot thus averting the twin tower and pentagon bombings.

Human Resource Evaluation

As a human resource manager, it is your responsibility to act not only in the best interest of the employer but also that of the employee and to find a reasonable compromise. If I were the HR manager I would want to investigate Coleen?s claims to see if there is any merit. If her concerns find that there are short comings in the current processes and procedures I would want to work with leadership to create action plans to address the concerns. An analysis of how the business is currently operating as it is and then perform a cause and effect analysis on the effects if recommended changes are implemented within the organization.

Importance of the FBI

The importance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations is to look into potential threats to the government. Their mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the Unite States and their vision is to ahead of the threat through leadership, agility, and integration (About: FBI, 2017). They are responsible for investigating any reported acts of terrorism, threats to government officials, and threats to the people of the United States and act accordingly based on findings.

Benefits for the People

A whistle blower is someone who works or worked for an organization that reports their misconduct. This action benefits the public because it brings awareness to issues internal within an organization and in many instances, forces them to improve their practices. In some ways it restores the faith of the people in employees of the organization because they have a feeling that someone is looking out for the little people. In the case of public or non-profit organization it provides transparency to government managed/publicly funded organizations. This is also a form of checks and balances for public organizations ensuring they are acting in the best interest of the public. In order to encourage employees to speak up about misconduct laws have been passed to prevent retaliation from employers. Some organizations have even established policies in an effort to protect those employees who aren?t afraid to speak out and to promote doing the right thing.

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