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Mentors act as role models for students of all professions and are expected to promote opportunities that will maximize student learning and enhance patient care ( Kenward and Kenward, 2011).My mentor has been the peri operative director of our community hospital for 20 years. I started as a PACU nurse in her unit and she saw the potential in me to try and work in the operating room. It has been her vision for her staff to be able to cross train between all the departments- endoscopy unit, preoperative and admissions, PACU, OR and sterile processing. It was a very challenging task to cross train since I had to do the studying on my own through the AORN online modules. However, my mentor although a director already is very hands on in the OR ( she prefers to scrub on difficult cases). She had given me time to study (flexible hours), finish the OR modules, and precepted/mentored to be a circulating nurse.

The experience made me realize that anything is possible. I have never imagined myself as an OR nurse because like any other nursing specialty- there are so much stress and responsibilities attached to the position. However, being prepared, motivated and having the support of my mentor and other OR colleagues, I was able to meet the demands of the OR. It has been four years since I did the transition. I have learned to continuously challenge myself and be open to other nursing opportunities that may come.

Given the chance to mentor, I would model myself as an example for other nurses to pursue their baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing. It is a step to earn more education and opportunities in ones nursing career. As we age, our personal and professional goals change. The experiences, skills and education we?ve attained will give us confidence to
fulfill bigger tasks and responsibilities in nursing.

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