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In general, nursing research and its subsequent evidence can be separated into 2 basic categories: qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative evidence comes from approaching the research in a way that focuses on understanding the event from a closer perspective. While quantitative evidence tends to come from approaching the event from a larger number of individuals, primarily using survey methods.

The qualitative approach to research focuses on describing the event in a deep, comprehensive manner. This method utilizes interviews, open-ended questions, and focus groups. Usually a small number of participants respond to this type of research. Because of the time investment in this type of research and the smaller number of participants, findings from qualitative research should not be generalized to the whole population. However, this type of research often serves as a starting point for larger studies and gives a deeper understanding that informs theory, practice, and specific situations (Ben-Eliyahu, 2014).

The quantitative approach to research focuses on describing the event across a larger number of participants which, in turn, lends to the possibility of summarizing characteristics across groups or relationships. This method surveys a large number of individuals and utilizes statistical techniques that recognize overall patterns in relationships of processes. An important aspect of this type of research is that the use of surveys can be done across groups. This method becomes even more useful when a control group is used. It is then possible with this method to compare two groups of outcomes of interest, and determine what influence the event in question had (Ben-Eliyahu, 2014).

These two different approaches to research evidence and its evaluation can give more information as to the data that may be available. They can also be even more useful when they are used in combination in a research project. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, and understanding them can help define the extent to which research findings can be applied (Ben-Eliyahu, 2014).

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