Week 1 – Laboratory

Scientific Method

Welcome to the Week One lab. Prior to working on the lab exercise, watch the How to Formulate a Hypothesis (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. video.

By completing the Week One lab exercise, you will learn how to look at data using the scientific method. This includes scientific observation, variables, controls, errors, methods of collecting data, data analysis, calculations, scientific reasoning, and writing a lab report. In the exercise, you are asked to partner with another person, who is capable of doing physical exercise for one minute. A resting heart rate and post-exercise heart rate will be taken and recorded. Use the heart rate information to complete the Respiratory and Heart Rate Table. You will create a hypothesis to predict what the physiological response is to exercise and how this helps the body maintain homeostasis. Finally, answer lab questions that address the different elements of the scientific method.

You will complete your answers on the Lab Report form linked in the Week One lab exercise area on the eScienceLab portal. Please open the form, Please complete the lab form that I uploaded

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