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A servant-leader is a person who has an inner desire to serve. As a leader, a servant leader is focus on the growth and well-being of the community to which he or she belong (Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, 2016). According to Greenleaf (as cited in Gill 2013) a servant leader possesses the characteristics of: a listening, empathy, building communities, haling, awareness, commitment to people, foresight, persuasion, stewardship, conceptualization.

Examples of companies that practice servant leadership according to Gill (2015) include, Starbucks, UPS, and Southwest Airlines.

There are advantages in that an organization benefits for using the servant leadership style. According to Spahr (2015), a servant leader has the tendency to build strong team, an advantage for a company where team work favors better outcome. Secondly, the servant-leader builds excellent relationships and rapport with workers hence enhancing communication which if lacking can hamper the growth of an organization. Thirdly, the servant leaders excel in seeing the picture, and define success by their service to followers.

According to Tom Peters (as cited in Gill, 2015), organizations exist to serve, Leaders exist to serve. However, often leaders in organizations are geared towards accomplishing the goal of the organizations; that?s the customer, even at the expense of not serving the employees. As good as servant leadership sounds, it would not suit every organization or the needs or companies? needs at some point. However, I think good leadership is that when the leader can maintain control and as well as get hands on when the need arises.

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