Week 02 Discussion – Hills Like White Elephants

Book: http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/fms/Colleges/College%20of%20Humanities%20and%20Social%20Sciences/EMS/Readings/139.105/Additional/Hills%20Like%20White%20Elephants%20-%20Ernest%20Hemingway.pdf

1. Do a quick “creative” reading of Hemingway’s short story, “Hills Like White Elephants,” which you will find in the “Plot” section of Chapter 2 in your textbook. Share your feelings and thoughts as you read the story. What memories or feelings did it provoke? Be sure to refer to details in the story. Then exchange ideas with one other student.

2.Story Analysis – More Hills Like White Elephants-

In one or two sentences, summarize the plot of the story. (Clue: You don’t have to know what the “operation” is, but you can speculate.)

What is the major conflict in the story and how is it resolved?

What is the position of the main character at the beginning of the story and at the end.  Is there a gain or a loss?

Explain how plot is entwined with character in this story. In your answer, share whether or not you feel the two characters are acting naturally to what happens. To what extent do their character traits actually determine what happens in the plot?

Can you  imagine another good ending for the story? Why or why not?

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