wedding planning budget

In this section we begin to craft a budget.

Most budgets begin with Income:

In this case it’s self (bride and Groom) or Dad and Mom or “other”

List 14 expenses and research the costs. see below.

Base your planning on 150 guests . Items can be for all, like a DJ or each like a plated dinner.

Plan on 10 tables of 15 for budgeting. (I prefer smaller tables but this makes the math easier)

Your numbers just have to be realistic . Then, add up to begin to get a feel for how expensive a wedding can be and begin to see why a professional wedding planner might actually save your clients money.

You’ll want to use an excel format, and present it in a way as if you were presenting to a Bride. Thus embellishments are welcome.

Some prices to research (on line) might be: DJ, Florist, Photographer, Site Rental, Place of worship fee, Limo services, security, tent rental, dance floor rental, Band fee, Plated Dinner, hor’s, buffet dinner, Photo booth, . That’s 14, but you are not limited to those areas, just want to show how complex this all can we.

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