WBS, Schedule, and Budget.

Assignment 2: WBS, Schedule, and Budget (3-4 pages)

Final Project: Part III and IV: WBS, Schedule, and Budget

The deliverable for this week is a WBS and Schedule and Budget.

WBS chart: Include an explanation of the hierarchical relationship among each level on the chart. Level one

should depict the end result (a product or a service) of the project.

Level two should consist of the major tasks outlined in the statement of

work (SOW). Level three should list the subtasks contained in each SOW

task. You can use the series of charts available in Microsoft Project.

Submit your answers in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document with the

supported Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Project files, and

other documentation as needed.

Schedule: Sequence the tasks in the order of completion. Arrange the work breakdown structure

elements in the form of a task-flow network to determine dependencies.

Identify the critical path along which necessary resources should be

allocated to achieve the project objectives within the defined time

frame. Indicate the earliest occurrence and highlight the critical

path. Use a Gantt chart to illustrate the start and completion dates of

each task. Consider whether the tasks can be completed in parallel or

must be performed in sequence.

Cost plan: Develop a cost plan for your project that identifies the allocation and cost of resources to your project.

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